Saturday, February 14, 2009

208-1974 Vetaal Ka Byaah

Hindi Indrajaal Comic No. 208 Published in 1974 by Times of India Publication, a unit of Bennett & Coleman Co. Ltd.
I am not posting #209 of 1974 "Tulsikrit Ram Charitmanas" since it falls under the category of Miscellaneous. I can post it if required though.


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thanks Buddy! Pls post Tulsikrit Ram Charitmanas both parts. It's also part of Indrajal comics. Do you have it in English? Second part in English is ready, waiting for first part.

Anurag said...

Dear raj,
Once again thanks for the rare one.
Nice going.

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Hi, I came here first time, and feel so nice; a blog dedicated to hindi is no joke to post it in a time whrn indrajals are so rarely found! Keep it up buddy! I am eager tosee the Ram charit mans indrajal.

pl. find some time to visit my blog. also, if u r not aware, I am printign the Dailies and Sundays of Phantoms...let me know if you are interested.


PD said...

यह कामिक्स कुछ दिन पहले मैंने अंग्रेजी में पढ़ी थी.. अब जा रहा हूं हिंदी में फिर से पढ़ने..
सहृदय धन्यवाद.. :)

DIVISH said...

Dear Sameer ,
Though it is Raj 's blog but nice to comment you for your excellent daily & sunday phantom comics printed . We have learnt that your printing is coming very nicely . As you have to send some thing to every body since a long time but due to your hectic schdule , foreign countries visits etc , you could not send comics to all of us . It is one suggestion why not to send all of us some sample & gift comics by way of your printing. We will highly appreciate too.