Tuesday, June 9, 2009

251-1976 Antim Shastra

Hindi Indrajaal Comic No. 251 Published in 1976 by Times of India Publication, a unit of Bennett & Coleman Co. Ltd.

My apologies for semi torn pages 17,18, 25 & 26


Prabhat's Books and Comics said...

Thanks! You (for Hindi IJC) & Devil (for Bengali IJC)are hope of millions. Keep it up!

Amit Pachauri (अमित पचौरी) said...
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Amit Pachauri (अमित पचौरी) said...

Hi Raj Vardhan,

Thanks for sharing Hindi versions of Indrajal. Have never read these old issues in Hindi before.

Rafiq Raja said...

So good to see a comic released even before my birth.

By the way, there was a strong feeling that the Tamil IJC's suffered of poor translation, which jumbled the usage of verb, adjective, noun, due to literatal translation from English version.

Did any of the Hindi IJC readers felt the same ?


मोहम्मद कासिम said...


please post in small size .pdf format


Comic World said...

Rafiq Bhai except very early IJCs the translation of IJCs was very taut and gripping.In early IJCs i felt this fact that the translators use to direct translate word to word in Hindi thereby making the sentence look a bit odd while reading.
But from late 70's up till end Hindi translation was very effective and was in tune with real theme of comic.

MaNdrAke dudE said...

@Raj:Nice comic!! this is indeed a thriller....this story also published by Diamond Comics in DC-M #22 & later #67 AND unlike Ijc,Unedited versions were available in DC without any censoring too!! :o)

@Rafiq:I heard this ordinary translation in Tamil as some frnd once said that...but I can definetly mention da Bengali translation AND matter of fact,bengali tranlations were superb from very beganning....yes,in later part,specially from '70s to the end('90 April),translations were more sophisticated and taut....
This is one of the reasons,besides nostalgia of childhood,that I still prefer reading a Ijc in BENGALI allthough I read/collect both Bengali/English versions...but Bengali versions hold a special place in our heart,like Hindi to many hindi-readers!! :))

MaNdrAke dudE said...

But when it comes to DC,you better read their ENGLISH version,as neither bengali nor Hindi translations were upto the mark....it was evident when I was reading a few Phantom strips (in english) and same stories from DC,I felt how poorly they(DC staffs) treated these nice stories....and tht's da reason may be,why DC-P/M didn't lasted more than 7/8 years... :(( (whereas Ijc lasted as much as 26-26 years!!)

मोहम्मद कासिम said...

मेरे ब्लाग पर आपका स्वागत है

कृपया अपने अमुल्य सुझाव एवं टिप्पणी दे।