Tuesday, July 27, 2010

V27N07-1990 Gopniya Aavishkaar

Hindi Indrajaal Comic No. V27N07 Published in 1990 by Times of India Publication, a unit of Bennett & Coleman Co. Ltd.

This is the last comic depicting one of the original 4 characters - "MANDRAKE". After this issue, one last issue featuring "DARA" was paublished, after which our favourite Indrajaal-Comics  totally went Off-line.

Download Comic :- http://www.mediafire.com/?bpar73oyolmm6jr


PBC said...

Really it was a very sad moment when IJC were stopped. For some months in hope I visited book shops. but ..... (:

Thanks for reducing from missing list one more Hindi IJC!

Rafiq Raja said...

One of the sad days indeed. I never collected IJC during its run, but saw the wealth when I went about collecting them in old book shops.

Thanks for sharing a contemporary version.

Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

I have seen a Low Res version of the English version of this comic out there on the Net.

I do have the physical comic (in fact all the 7 last comics) and will soon be giving you all a HQ version of it if no one else does.

Only a question of time

Raj said...

Thanks VS actually I used to have all of them but during the time of my marriage , my IJCs faced gross negligence and were scattered. Now I am in process of recovering them from my farm house. Whichever issues I had lost, I completely trust you guys that you'll help me out in completing the collection on Net.