Wednesday, January 23, 2013

V25-01-1988 Samudra Ka Khazana - 1

Hindi Indrajaal Comic No. V25N01 Published in 1988 by Times of India Publication, a unit of Bennett & Coleman Co. Ltd.
Download Comic :-

Hey Guys, 25th of Jan is a holiday, 26th is National holiday and 27th is a Sunday. So see you on 28th of January 2013. 28th of January is very special to me as it is my Mother's Birthday.


Rajan Malvankar said...

Very nice post
Please upload rahasyamaya joda part1to3

Amit Bedi said...

Thanks Raaaj Bhai

Phantom said...

do you have Kula-Ku ki jadugarni Part 1 & 2? Please post old Hindi IJCs. Many thanks,

Raj said...

Dear Phantom,
I am moving in descending order to maintain excitement for IJC lovers. Prabhat's Indrajal-online is filling all the gaps, just give me some more time to reach old ones. By the way could you provide me the exact number of Kula-Ku ki jadugarni? that way its easier for me to find.

Raj said...

Dear Rajan kindly give me the no. of these 3 parts.

Raj said...

You're welcome Amit