Tuesday, May 21, 2013

V24-17-1987 Vinaash Ke Doot

Hindi Indrajaal Comic No. V24N17 Published in 1987 by Times of India Publication, a unit of Bennett & Coleman Co. Ltd.
Download Comic :- http://www.mediafire.com/?zp5rn899jcuojab


Bal said...

Your blog is unique among various blogs that feature Hindi Indrajal comics. Indrajal Comics in Hindi started in 1964 when I entered 3rd standard, and in those days, using my meager pocket money I used to make it a point to buy each issue and also share them with my friends. Those very old issues along with their advertisements of those times, bring back pleasant nostalgic memories of those days in the same way as listening to old film songs brings back the taste of the old times. God bless you.

Raj Vardhan Varma said...

Hello Mr. Bal,
I must say that your are very lucky to actually experience the Indrajaal Inception era. Further its phenomenal that you bought every issue of the prestigious and vastly loved comic. Please do keep me in your list if at any time you feel to part with your prestigious collection. I shall be more than obliged to have the opportunity to actually own the old issues. Presently I have 582 comics out of total published 803.

Bal said...

Hello Raj,

I am sorry to say that my father, a professor and a strict disciplinarian, did not value my collection much, and after his retirement, when we were shifting residence, in my absence he discarded my entire collection, giving them away to the raddiwala, and told me to focus on my studies (that was in July 1969 and I was out of town at that time). Quite sad. But your collection is superb.